Embarrassing Moment #1

My baby was laughing at someone else pooping…

Yeah I had an embarrassing mom moment. Last week I went to pick my husband up from work (I jacked his car for the day because mine is out of commission currently) and I had to feed my baby.

He was closing up his shop and there was like nobody accept three others on the building so I went to the restroom and proceeded to breastfeed. 5 minutes goes by and someone walks into the stall next to mine.(The kind of stalls you can’t see under)

I don’t think she knew we were in there but she proceeded to do her business and with comical sounds made all the flatulent and “plop” sounds.

I stayed quiet…my baby did not!!!!!

My baby then unlatched and started laughing from hearing the sounds and started hitting the toilet paper holder so it was now known that the other lady was not alone.

I really hope she didn’t see my house shoes on the way past her stall because I couldn’t wait to scoop up my baby and evacuate the premises.

Married Life

“Your kids need YOU to be happy with each other BEFORE you can be happy with them”

Nobody wants to argue and fight in front of their kids or be a broken family. You must be able to communicate and comprehend each other to live happily amongst each other. If you’ve ever heard of the saying “If one persons not happy then no-one is” it really is true.

Your kids can see if their parents are not happy with each other and it has a domino affect on everyone in the household. As parents we have to set good examples of a healthy relationship between each other whether it is in marriage, partnership, or co-parenting. To be happy with each other sets the foundation for your children to understand and be happy as well.

How can you put on a fake smile and attempt to give your all for your kids if you can’t even be happy as parents? Kids see this and they know when something is wrong. As a two parent household or co-parenting, if you are not together, whatever you say, do, and feel towards each other reflects on your children.

Let’s Talk it Out

-Whats your marital issues?

-Does it effect your children?

-Are you willing to make your situation better?

Let me know in the comments below.

Postpartum Parenthood

To be very honest life after having a baby is like a whirlwind or a rollercoaster with no stops. Before having a baby life is boring and people don’t even realize it. Now after having a baby that’s when the real fun begins. At least from my point of view…

I say that life is basically boring before having a child because you get to just do little kid crap. Yeah you can do what you want when you want but, that crap gets old quick. It is like a never ending cycle of “hanging out” or “just chillin”. I don’t know about other people but for me when I found out I was going to have a child I was not overwhelmed with dread that I could no longer be a free soul I…was…ready.

Of course I was not ready for everything like the late nights, the purple crying, fevers, clinginess, or even just being responsible for another human being. But the soul benefit of being a parent to a little human that I helped create amazed me and still does. I have a tiny human whom I can now watch grow up and teach as they do. I am excited by the little mile stones in her life like giggling or making sounds on her own for the first time to communicate. Hell when she held her head up for the first time during tummy time I cried I was so proud. I look forward to when my baby is older for the little things like her first roller coaster, or making ginger bread houses, or playing in the rain and coming in with mud from head to toe. I cannot wait to experience life with my child.

It took nine months for her to grow cell by cell into a human with ten perfect little fingers and toes, a head full of hair, and brown bedroom eyes that would melt anyones heart. It will take her many more years to grow and become a beautiful young lady (side note: Sometimes I don’t understand why it only took nine months to create a whole human but it will take years for her to even grow a couple inches).For this new adventure that is forever changing I am ready for every twist and turn. Life has changed so much after bringing my child into the world and now I am free in a whole new way.

I still look at her and think damn I really have a baby I’m really someone’s parent. I will savor what this feels like right now in the moment because I know I will blink my eyes and she will be grown with her own babies and I will have grandchildren and be old myself.


Please go ahead and let me know what it was like for you before becoming a parent and what it was like as a new parent.