If you Fail, You Can Begin Again

Many people have the fear of failing so they don’t even try. But in my years of modeling and school I have learned that if you don’t try and fail you will never succeed, unless by shear dumb luck.

Most people see new endeavors as intimidating, and who wouldn’t when you don’t know if that outcome is good or bad. The negative part about this is that people only see that they can potentially fail so why try anyways?

I myself have this super fear of failure.

But I am trying to change that in myself and maybe influence others to change that negative way of thinking as well.

Instead of seeing the glass half empty why not see it half full? Instead of worrying about failing before you’ve even started why not just start and see where that takes you? Life is always going to be about trial and error no matter what your doing.

But I’m going to look at failing as a positive now. If I fail I can learn from my mistakes and become better, I will gain more wisdom about life, and if I fail I can try again and do it better this time.

If I don’t fail how can I improve upon myself and what I want to do in life?

Sometimes failing means starting over in life, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you don’t let it.

Just a word of positivity from me to you.

13 thoughts on “If you Fail, You Can Begin Again

    • Exactly! So why not make it better if you can start over instead of doing the same old things right?
      I’ve always been pretty intuitive on watching others mistakes so I didn’t make the same ones, so I didn’t really have to do the school hard knocks because my siblings did it for me.

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      • Ironically I’m actually trying to do that same thing with a relative and it’s honestly like talking to a brick wall. They hear you and know exactly what they’re supposed to do…but it’s not what they want so they do the wrong thing anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. I’m working on changing this about myself as well. The fear of failure can be immobilizing, it can cause us to be stuck in the analysis of paralysis, and do nothing. Therefore, we don’t move forward. When we allow fear to stop us from moving forward in life, we not only give the Devil permission to do what he wants, we practically allow him to win by default.

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