What or who lights up your world?

Ohhhh man…

For a long time in my life it was nothing. Nothing was spectacular, nothing was special, I was going day by day.

Then my husband came back into my life my senior year of high school. It gave me an extra oomf to live. A reason to look nice and do nice things. He gave me a reason in that time of my life.

After awhile we weren’t enough for each other. We almost didn’t make it. He was going to allow things to crumble and I was going to allow him to leave. You can’t keep someone/something if it doesn’t want to be kept.

But then we tried with each other again, one last time.

The VERY next day I found out I was pregnant, and our worlds became one again. So to answer the question my husband is the apple of my eye but my child is the light of my life, and I’m sure it’s the same way for him.

What/who lights up your world? Why?

4 thoughts on “What or who lights up your world?

  1. My daughter and grandchildren light up my life.
    Their youth and zeal for life is a breath of fresh air when they visit.
    I enjoy hearing about their school, dance from the girls, and hockey from my grandson.
    Their mother has taught them the art of having a conversation.
    The tv is shut off while they are hear. They can hold a conversation, not sitting there looking at a cell phone texting.
    I give my daughter all the credit for how she is molding them to be good citizens.
    So, other than my Saviour they are the ones who add sunlight to my life.


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