Confessions Of a Procrastinator

Let’s make a list and stick to it. I’ll set my alarms and be ready to fulfill all that I wanted today. My goal is (Insert random goal of the day/ week/ year) and I’m sticking to it!…HAHA OK SURE! Now what’s really going to happen is…

In all honesty you can plan to be the best parent, the healthiest person, or just the best you can be. That’s fine and dandy but actually sticking to it is the hard part for us procrastinating people.

There will always be an excuse to be made or something that get’s in our way or rejection that makes us quit.

I am personally trying to block myself from that. If I leave it up to “just making plans” I’ll never keep my word to myself. I can at least try to give the things I want some more will power. But, I’m going to let you in on what goes through my head when I procrastinate…

  • I’m scared I won’t get the reaction I want
  • There’s nobody to watch the baby
  • I forgot…oops

These are not only bad decisions but it’s me running away from things I want to do or things I should be doing. Even though in turn I get no benefit out of not trying, not doing what I need to do, and eating bad food when I have healthy food readily available. It’s so easy to make the wrong decision or play it safe. But as a self proclaimed procrastinator I’m forcing myself to do better NO MATTER WHAT ELSE COMES UP!!

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