Insomnia of the SAHM

So sleep is supposed to be a natural thing for every living thing on this earth…maybe I’m a vampire then.

As I sit here in the dark at 6:14am I sit here and wonder how the hell did I get here. I was sleeping fine then I woke up to feed my baby then…I started thinking about some crazy scenario that has a 99.99% chance of absolutely never happening and now I’m awake.

So what do I do instead of count sheep?

I get on WordPress and start reading and commenting like I’m best friends with bloggers I’ve never read up on before ( which actually helped me find more bloggers I like ).

I’ve been up since 4:00am please send help I will need it when I actually have to get up and do this thing called life later on with a busy 7 month old.

Do you have insomnia?

What goes through your mind while awake at night?

How do you put yourself back to sleep?

9 thoughts on “Insomnia of the SAHM

    • No worries! Someone could comment on my very first post 10 years from now and I’ll still be just as thankful for every opinion no matter the time distance.

      You seriously get up and clean though?! For me that would have woke me up that much more. I do productively clean when I’m mad though, it makes for great elbow grease and gets the job done quickly.

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