Baby Milestones

So today marks the day that my daughter turns seven months old and that doesn’t really seem like a huge milestone like walking or talking. But by the grace of god my child has made it to seven months healthy and so alive in body and spirit.

I am so blessed that my child wakes up every morning. She learns, develops, and progresses every single day.

I speak for ALL parents when I say that the milestones for a baby are huge. As the months have gone by I have watched my daughter grow from a tiny cell inside my belly into a vibrant baby girl.

I wonder if other parents are like me and have a routine with their baby then all of a sudden the baby seems like a whole kid and more independent. I look back on pictures of when I gave birth and my daughter doesn’t even look the same. I think back to those first couple months and think… wow my baby was more like a tiny, noisy, loaf of bread and now she’s a moving human being that laughs and plays and has a tone of voice when she babbles.

Every now and then I talk to myself and ask rhetorical questions like “when did she start sitting up on her own?” or “who the heck told her she could be so sassy?” and in reality I know she’s just learning who she is and developing her own personality.

Seven months seems like just another month to most people but to parents we have to enjoy and savor every month, minute, and second.

2 thoughts on “Baby Milestones

    • Having kids in your life and watching them grow is such a blessing that some people take for granted. It’s something about how naive and innocent they are that make them that much more enjoyable in such a harsh world.

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