Feeling Motivated

I woke up this morning as a do every morning with heavy eyes, my back hurting, and the need to reposition to get comfortable.

But I don’t know what’s up with me today. I’m pretty stinking motivated to just make bigger moves in my life. Even if those big moves might seem small to others.

The other day I vented my frustrations in my post, Grieving Loved Ones. Yesterday I also got up and worked out for the first time after I had my baby. It’s always been something I loved to do but due to pregnancy issues I had to stop. Then after having my baby I became full of anxiety and paranoia to do it again…it felt so good.

A mental breath of fresh air.

So you know today I did something else that I like to try and bring back the normalcy that used to be me. I did my hair, dressed nicely, put up the Christmas tree, and got out of the house. (As a stay at home mommy I don’t do this much but I really need to)

I’m going to try to keep this momentum and do something I like everyday or at least every other day…just to get my feet wet.

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